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Since its establishment, Well & David Corporation upholds the business principles of “sincerity”, “pragmatism” and “sustainable management” to move the company forward one step at a time. We follow the policies of “quality first, service first, and customer satisfaction”, continuously improve the quality and reliability of our products. All departments, regardless of the front-end sales or back-end production and shipping departments, do their absolute best to provide our customers with value-added services to obtain customers’ long-term trust and satisfaction. We intend to grow and prosper with our customers.

Therefore, under those principles, we advocate

1. Rigorous and Practical: We adhere to the guidelines of ISO and internal control to establish best practices and standard operating procedures to minimize errors through constant reviews and improvement.

2. Learning and Sharing: Relevant journal articles are shared and educational trainings are provided to all employees to keep up with the current trends in the industry.

3. Reasonable, fair, and Impartial: We emphasize on “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes; just don’t try to cover up mistakes and make the same mistakes again”. We are dedicated to establish an excellent corporate culture and environment that nurtures each employee to reach his or her utmost potentials.

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